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The Executive Entrepreneur is a no-nonsense guide to transforming your performance and that of your team and your business. You can purchase it on Amazon [Link to be inserted] or alternatively, you can get your signed copy direct from me [insert link] for the cost of the mailing – the book itself is FREE: you just pay for the cost of the mailing.

I wrote the book for three reasons:

First, my great joy in life is helping other people succeed and being a part of that journey. I’ve been lucky enough to help improve the education of millions of young people, lead some of the most challenging national and global transformation programs being delivered right now and work with many ambitious and talented leaders. My firm belief is that with the right support, of which this book is only a part, you can succeed way beyond your current level of performance. 

Second, I was frustrated at seeing so much mediocre coaching and support for leaders. Most management books these days repeat themselves around a single insight, and the coaching world is exploding with inexperienced newcomers. It can be hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. My aim is to help you cut through that by sharing my practical and first-hand experience of what works in simple, straightforward steps that anyone can follow.

Third, I wanted to share some the insights I have gathered in my journey from the safe haven of the British civil service into the commercial world of the big consultancies, where I worked in KPMG, Capgemini, and made the equivalent of partner in PA Consulting before setting up on my own. I’ve gained a wide range of experience, know-how and tool sets that I share with you in this book.  I hope you enjoy it!

Heres what people are saying about the book:

“In over twenty years of consulting I have had the good fortune to have worked all over the world with, at times, some truly impressive and insightful people; Kevin Rennie is one of those. He is one of those guys who’s enriches everything and everyone he touches. His new book, The Executive Entrepreneur is a must read for anyone wanting really useful insights and practical advice on how to improve the performance of themselves, their team and their business.”

Eric Fleming, CEO, Fleming Job Hall

“I have no hesitation in giving a hearty ‘Thumbs Up’ to Kevin Rennie’s new book: The Executive Entrepreneur.  I have invested years of my life dealing with hundreds of ‘Serial entrepreneurs’ and billion dollars companies worldwide. Years of real-world experience has taught me how to spot great strategy from downright garbage. And so if you are serious about taking control of your career, your business and your life and seeing more genuine breakthroughs than you can possibly imagine, then simply implement what you discover as you read this book.”

 Stephen Clarke, CEO, RTG Marketing Group

“Kevin’s coaching has helped both my business and I develop beyond my high expectations.  He offers a finely balanced approach of providing personal insights, years of experience, tailored models, advice, and the right amount of challenge and ‘push’. I have developed both personally and professionally as a result of his coaching, and the major insights he gave me are available to you within the Executive Entrepreneur. I recommend Kevin’s book to all aspiring or current entrepreneurs as your road map to building a successful business, and the future you deserve.”

Drew Lindon, CEO, Drew Lindon Consulting

“I engaged with Kevin during one of the most challenging points in my career to date. In a maelstrom of political maneuvering, business challenge and opportunity – Kevin Rennie’s zen like ability to make you unpack the problems, discard the insignificant and focus on the essentials was an asset that allowed me to execute genuine business change.  I’m grabbing his book whenever I find the opportunity!”

Christopher Bradbury, Head of Digital, Press Association

“A hands on guide to maximising your personal potential as an organisational leader at any level. Practical and first-hand experience of what works in simple, straightforward, steps that anyone can follow.”

Chris Hopson, Chief Executive, NHS Providers

“The Executive Entrepreneur is packed with superb, no nonsense, and actionable advice on how to get better performance from yourself and your business. The style of writing makes it really accessible, and in fact it’s almost like having an executive coach in your pocket.”

Kevin Freedman, Chief Executive, Freedman International