Five steps every healthcare CEO needs to take to create a powerful strategy and business plan

UK politics are in turmoil and it is unlikely that Brexit will mean more for healthcare in the near future, so having a strong business strategy and executing on your plans effectively are all the more important. Have you struggled to develop a business strategy that sits at the heart of your organisation, helping your leaders drive change rather […]

5 Steps to Powerful Business Strategy and Plan

How to embrace discomfort and develop as a leader

Step into your "growth zone"

It’s said that calm seas don’t make good sailors. If it’s plain sailing, if the wind is behind you, if the business is rolling in then that’s fantastic. But you need challenges and tough times to develop the resilience and strength to thrive in the new economic climate we are heading into – a climate […]

Don't Get Too Comfortable

How To Unleash The Full Power Of Your Team

No individual can make amazing things happen alone. Evolution has conspired to favour species that work together effectively…


But there is much confusion about what this really means. People talk about leading from within, heart-based leadership, authentic leadership, leading without a title and so on. These may all be great concepts but the truth is that leadership is a journey, not a style or concept.

As you work towards unleashing your teams you must ensure that the right building blocks are in place. And this requires flexing your style accordingly.

A great friend of mine, Eric Fleming, developed the following model to explain this. Eric is a psychologist and fantastic organisational development specialist, and together we have tested his model across a wide range of organisations. It works exceptionally well and gets rave reviews from executives and teams around the world. He’s writing a book about it, so look out for that.

There are five stages that teams must progress through in order to be unleashed effectively:

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